Amaroo Valley Springs Winter 2018 Newsletter

Here’s the latest news from Amaroo Valley Springs

Winter is here…the days are shorter and much cooler.

The timber has been cut and dried and the fire is alive and ready to keep you warm when you stay…

It’s been a dry year, right back to last winter, the rainfall has been a quarter of what it normally is. 

Silage making this year was extremely low in numbers – only 10 bales instead of the usual 50 to 60.


Amaroo Valley Springs is still green just not the usual green green.

The moos and mini moo moos have been receiving a lot of treats – we spoil them. 

‘Hercules’ the bull had a great time visiting the girls for three months. There was a bit of a party in the paddock on his last night.
We are hoping for 31 mini moo moos in Spring and Summer
Kim McCosker is the amazing author of ‘4 Ingredients’ and she has kindly sent a copy of her cookbook for guests to use during their stay.
I know what you’re thinking “I don’t want to cook while I’m away on holidays!” (whispering: you don’t have to if you don’t want to!)
The recipes are so easy for you to prepare and the kitchen has everything you need. So cook up a storm…. then sit back and enjoy the views with a glass or two..
‘Birds Nest’ one of our luxury cabins has been open for just over 6 months.
We love reading all the great comments left in our guest book and seeing the photos they have snapped.

The outdoor shower and bath, meeting the moos and mini moo moos – oh and those views are a favourite. 
‘Grandview’ our second luxury cabin will open later this year…
Book now at: Amaroo Valley Springs and experience our luxury stays.

See you soon

Andy and Mark


Amaroo Valley Springs December 2017 Newsletter

Here’s the latest news from Amaroo Valley Springs

Wow this year has really flown, faster than they usually do…

Birds Nest‘ has been open for nearly three months and everyone that has stayed finds it very hard to leave. 


Our second boutique cabin ‘Grandview’ opens in 2018. 

Calf count to date is 15 and we are expecting another 10 calves over the next few weeks – they are all so cute. 

We have some amazing new pictures and a fabulous new film on our website, check them out and tell all your friends. Our website really captures the luxury in our piece of paradise and we encourage you to come and experience Amaroo Valley Springs first hand.


If you’re looking to buy that someone who has everything a unique gift why not treat them to a luxury stay? 

Have a great Christmas and brilliant New Year’s Eve. 

We look forward to welcoming you in 2018.

Andy and Mark

Amaroo Valley Springs Film


On a beautiful farm in Kangaroo Valley we’ve built a luxurious cabin retreat, where you can relax and take in the glorious views. So relaxing, you wont want to leave…

Spring News and Opening Dates

Here’s the latest news from Amaroo Valley Springs

Spring has well and truly sprung at Amaroo Valley Springs. 

We are on the home stretch finishing ‘Bird’s Nest’ and our booking system is up and running so get out your diaries and BOOK NOW!

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Autumn news from Amaroo Valley Springs

Here’s the latest news from Amaroo Valley Springs

Please check out us out and start following us on Instagram, the more followers we have the better. Thanks!


Our news…

The scaffold is finally coming down to reveal two amazing looking buildings. The exterior hardwood timber really makes a statement. The windows and doors are huge and let in a lot of light.

Next a deck off each bedroom and a huge entertaining deck over the tank will be constructed.

Say hello to Amaroo Valley Springs’ latest calf she is very cute.

Bullsy (Ballsy) is about to leave Amaroo Valley Springs, he has been visiting for the last few months. I’m sure the ladies will miss him?!

We have let a few cows in through the construction fence to munch down the grass. Who needs a lawn mower?

Late afternoon in paradise, which blade of grass to eat first?

Andy and Mark

March news from Amaroo Valley Springs

Here’s the latest news from Amaroo Valley Springs

The year is off to a flying start, it’s March already!

There has been quite a bit happening on the farm and the luxury cabins are really starting to take shape. Please check out us out and start following us on Instagram, the more followers we have the better. 


After a hot dry summer in Kanagaroo Valley we’ve had some great soaking rains. The house ducks have been very excited and have put on their boots ready to play outside.

We have some very proud new mums – everyone is doing well.

This amazingly bright full spectrum rainbow appeared after a massive afternoon thunderstorm. It sat just above the river and well below the escarpments and as you can see, was breathtaking. 

Two huge rainwater tanks have been delivered and have made their way to the cabins. They can hold an impressive 30,000 litres each.

The bedroom picture window glass has gone in, weighing just over 200kg, so we are getting close to sharing our piece of paradise with you. 

More news soon…

Andy and Mark

Happy New Year from Amaroo Valley Springs Farm

Happy New Year!

Here’s the latest news from Amaroo…

Farm Update

Bullsy (Ballsy) pictured left has just joined the girls. He is a Black Angus and has no less than 27 ladies to play the field with…

 The Crepe Myrtle has been flowering for the last few weeks with an amazing display of white flowers.

Our Instagram is now up and running so please follow us here:


Amaroo Valley Springs Construction Update

The scaffold has arrived and has just been erected around one of the cabins so we can begin work on the outside viewside.

The big sliding doors have been installed and the rest of the big window frames have gone in ready for glass

We are about to clad the outside viewside with some amazing spotted gum hardwood…stay tuned for those pics in a couple of weeks.

We look forward to opening in 2017 and to sharing our piece of paradise with you

Andy and Mark

Christmas Greetings and News from Amaroo Valley Springs

As you can see, the two cabins (both with amazing views) are now leaping out of the lush green ground.

Both cabins now have walls and the start of a roof…not long now until completion.

The cows enjoy the lush green grass, the views, rainbows after a lovely summer soak and for a Christmas treat they have been treated to a bail of silage hay – they love it!

Have a brilliant Christmas and a happy New Year, we looking forward to seeing you in 2017.

Andy and Mark

Meet Your Hosts Andy and Mark



I was born in Adelaide across from the beach in Semaphore. Despite having blonde hair and growing up in the beach-side suburbs, I never mastered surfing!

I attended Urrbrae Agricultural High School where I first met cows and other farm and horticulture things. From there I went on to study Horticulture and Landscape Design.

After a couple of years working for a landscaper, I took the plunge and started my own business which ran successfully for over 10 years.

In 2006 a city change called and Mark and myself to Sydney where I continued the landscaping business and also moved into the television industry as a sound recordist.

Mark and I have built and renovated several houses in both Adelaide and Sydney including a Victorian house (from 1895) and a cute Victorian terrace in North Sydney. It’s true what they say – it’s addictive, and for us it has become a hobby. Am I crazy? Not sure if it’s just regarding the renovating…

So Mark and I have now embarked on our biggest project to date – Amaroo Valley Springs. This piece of paradise found us and we just had to do it. The skills I’ve gained over the last 20 years are being put to good use to create this amazing retreat which we look forward to sharing with you, our guests.


p.s. I still don’t surf…



Born in Adelaide and educated at Urrbrae Agricultural High School (only because my older brother attended!) I learned everything about working on the land.

After 4 years of farm life I left school and went into television, where to this day I’m a cameraman for channel Seven’s Sunrise program.

I met Andy in 2001 and we have travelled the world together and enjoyed many great adventures.
In 2006 we made the life changing decision try our luck in the big city. Boy, moving to Sydney was the best decision we ever made.

After a lot of hard work renovating several houses by luck (or divine intervention!) we stumbled across this jaw dropping place in Kangaroo Valley – WOW!

Now our lives are moving in this new exciting direction, one we would love you to share and enjoy with us soon.