Amaroo Valley Springs Terms and Conditions

Notes to Guests

Check In Time: 2.30pm

Check Out Time: 12.00pm

All guests on entering Amaroo Valley Springs are deemed to have accepted all these Terms and Conditions which will apply for the entire duration of the guests stay at Amaroo Valley Springs and the Owners hope that all their guests have an enjoyable, memorable and happy stay at Amaroo Valley Springs.

Note on arrival:   Access to Cabins by Key Pad

All cabins will have a keypad to access the cabins and guests will be provided with the key code for their stay. If there are any problems with the keypad for access, please call Andrew on 0418 489 734 or (02) 4465 2264 for assistance. If the keypad does not work for some reason the owners will provide the guest with a key.

Refer to your booking confirmation.

Terms and Conditions of Stay at Amaroo Valley Springs

1. Number of Guests:

This will be determined in accordance with the booking confirmation and if the number of guests exceeds the Booking Confirmation then this may attract additional charges.

2. Parties and Functions

  1. Guests will not be permitted to conduct large parties with live music or large formal functions such as weddings unless provided for in the booking confirmation.
  2. No camping is permitted on the property grounds and this includes tents and caravans unless it is part of the booking confirmation and in such case unless the Owner say otherwise the Owner will be deemed to have consented to camping on the property.
  3. Any unauthorized campers or caravans on the property will be directed by the Owners to remove all tents and caravans from the property and any costs incurred will be borne by the guest.

3. Deposit

Guests are required to pay a deposit which will be held and returned on departure after the cabin has been inspected for damage and in the case of damage, the deposit will be used to rectify such damage and if there are insufficient funds in the deposit to do this, then the visa security card left nominated will be debited for the full amount of the cost of rectifying the damage.

4. Supervision of Children

All children are to be supervised at all times as Amaroo Valley Springs is a working cattle farm and all guests should be mindful and use common sense and be responsible when being in the presence of cattle using gates and fences, dams, creeks, trees and wildlife and in some cases there may be snakes and you need to take all reasonable care to avoid danger.

5. Signage

There will be signage throughout the farm and instructions about the features and facilities of the farm and you will be provided with a guide folder but once again, you need to act with reasonable due care to ensure that your stay is a pleasant one and misadventure is minimized particularly with trip hazards as Amaroo Valley Springs has many undulating surfaces being a natural feature to the landscape.

6. Provided with Cabin

  1. All cabins have sheets, towels, crockery and furniture and if guests remove any of the property of the Owner in the cabins then the guest who has removed such property will be charged for such removal and the guests agree to pay the owner in respect of any property removed at a fair and reasonable value and this may be debited from the visa security card details provided.
  2. If any cabin is left in a very unclean condition, then a cleaning fee will be charged to the guest and if not paid by the guest on departure will be debited from the visa security card provided.

7. Electricity

There are occasions when there could be power outages and this could be due to trees bringing down power lines which are outside the control of the owners and the owners will use their best reasonable endeavours to do all they can to minimize any inconvenience to guests.

8. Bushfires

  1. Bushfires are a feature of any Australian rural area and if a bushfire does occur and it has a catastrophic rating where it becomes unsafe for guests to leave their cabins, then guests are required to follow the emergency plan in each cabin and to remain in their cabins until it is safe to leave.
  2. If a guest checks into Amaroo Valley Springs and the area is classified a catastrophic day and if it is safe for guests to leave then the owners will do all they can to assist the guests in leaving the property safely and in such case the fee paid by the guest will be refunded by the owners to the guest at the guests request or the owners may by agreement with the guest, retain monies paid by the guest as a credit for future visits to Amaroo Valley Springs.
  3. If due to a catastrophic rating you are unable to check into Amaroo Valley Springs, then the booking may be cancelled and monies either in whole or part paid will be refunded to the guest.

9. Use of roads and walking paths and terrain

  1. In a rural setting sometimes roads may become impassable due to creeks and flooding and in this case, Bunkers Hill Road may become impassable at the causeway creek crossing and in some cases, it may take up to 24 hours for the creek to drop.
  2. The terrain is one of undulating surfaces and there are many potential tripping, slipping and falling hazards, there are wombat holes, rocks, small ledges, creeks and rivers and the property is hilly and the grass, when wet, can be slippery and the owners cannot be responsible for any injuries that may occur through carelessness or inappropriate footwear when walking throughout the Amaroo Valley Springs property.
  3. There are electric fences throughout the Amaroo Valley Springs property which are clearly identified and there are barbed wire fences and posts around the property and should be taken by guests to avoid contact with all such fences as to avoid injury or damage to clothing.

10. Inclement Weather

  1. If due to inclement weather or flooding guests are unable to enter Amaroo Valley Springs Farm at check in, then the booking may be cancelled and money paid by the guest will be refunded, or if guests arrive a day late then there will be a refund of all time lost on the booking arising from inclement weather.
  2. If guests are stranded due to inclement weather or flooding and it becomes necessary to stay another night the owners will help organise a simple meal and assist all guests where possible and this will be at no extra charge to the guests until it is safe for the guests to leave the property.

11. Personal Property

The owners are not responsible for the protection or security of any personal property of any guest and guests should at all times have their own insurance cover available to meet claims for lost or damaged property as may occur.

12. Pets are not Permitted

Guests are not permitted to bring their pets onto the with the exception of assistance dogs.

13. Rubbish

  1. Guests are asked to use the kitchen bins for all rubbish.  On departure, guests must remove all rubbish from the cabins into the wheelie bins provided and all cabins must be kept clean and tidy.
  2. If a guest has excess rubbish or recycling, then the guest must take that excess rubbish or recyclable items with them.

14. Items provided by Owner for the Enjoyment of your Stay

  1. The owner will provide all bed linen, towels and tea towels, toilet paper, quilts and blankets except where otherwise indicated on the booking confirmation.
  2. The owners will provide eggs, milk, bread, salt, pepper. tea, coffee, and sugar.  If a guest requires any additional food products to be supplied, then these can be supplied by the owners for a charge to be paid by the guest on or prior to arrival.
  3. For health and hygiene purposes, the guest agrees to use linen, cotton and bedding when sleeping in any bed.

15. Damage to Cabins

  1. The owners take pride in the cabins and accept that accidents can and do happen.
  2. The guest acknowledges that the cabin has been inspected prior to the guests stay and immediately after departure.  Guests are encouraged to inspect their cabin on arrival and contact the owner immediately if any damage is observed.
  3. If the guest does not report any such damage to the property on arrival, then the owner will assume the property is in a satisfactory condition and the owner shall reserve the right to recover all costs in relation to any damage the owner reasonably believes to have been caused by the guest during the stay.
  4. Any costs incurred in repairing any damage will be charged to the guest and if not paid on departure, the debit security card will be debited, the cost of such repair and the guest consents to the debit and agrees to such charge.
  5. Guests are asked not to move furniture around the cabin as this could cause damage to the cabin and furniture and guests will be liable to make good and pay for any such damage.

16. Check In

See booking confirmation

17. Check Out

See booking confirmation.

18. Cleaning / Departure

  • As a cleaning fee is paid at time of booking, you are not required to thoroughly clean the property before departure (i.e. sweep and mop etc) however, please note the minimum requirements listed below point 2.
  • The owners reserve the right to charge an additional $50 fee to be charged on departure if there is any breach of these conditions and if the owner has suffered loss as a consequence. All such additional charges will be charged to the guests visa security card plus surcharges of the permitted percentage and guests will be notified via phone or email of the charges applied.

    Dispose of any cigarette butts in the rubbish bin (red lid).

    Remove any food scraps from barbecue and clean same, leaving it how you would like to find it — CLEAN

    Remove any foodstuffs from Fridge and Freezer and wipe any spills

    Leave the property in a tidy state

    Lock all windows and doors and leave things as they were found (e.g. hot water)

    If there is a key to the cabin, then this must be put in the key safe or left in the cabin whichever is more convenient.

    Upon departure, all guests must close all doors, windows and lock the front door.

19. Lost Property

    1. If property has been left behind, please contact office immediately once noticed.
    2. A retrieval fee of $20 may apply if it is not found whilst the cleaner is there the first time.
    3. Any lost property returned to a guess by the owner shall incur a minimum charge of $15 or if sent to the guest by Australia Post, then the normal Australia Post charges will apply and will be debited from the visa card security.
    4. Guests should contact the owner’s office immediately if property has been left behind or is lost so that the owner can make necessary arrangements with the guest to return any property of the guest that may be found by the owner or which may be returned to the owner’s office by a member of the public or another guest.
    5. Any lost property not claimed within 2 months will be disposed of or donated to a charity at the discretion of the owner.

20. Strictly No Smoking – Outside Smoking Designated Area

    1. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the Cabins, View Decking or Paddocks.
    2. There is a designated smoking area and this is located in the courtyard at the entrance to the cabin.  Smoking will not be permitted in any area which is not a designated smoking area.
    3. Cigarette butts must be totally extinguished and disposed of correctly in the rubbish bins so as to avoid any fire hazard.  Cigarette butts must not be disposed of in the garden or paddocks as we do not want farm animals and wildlife to eat cigarette butts and rubbish which can cause them to suffer serious health issues.

21. Hot Water

    1. There is hot water, shower and toilets in each of the cabins.
    2. With respect to toilets, only toilet paper as provided may be flushed through the toilet as it is a septic system.

22. Bonds

Refer to your booking confirmation

23. Cancellation Conditions

Refer to your booking confirmation